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Professional Services

WGW offers professionals a group counseling center to which they can safely, and with assurance, refer their clients to our broad spectrum of therapy groups. When such referrals are made, the professional can be assured that a group placement will only be made if the group is suitable and appropriate for the therapeutic needs of their clients.

If WGW does not already offer an existing group for the client’s particular issue, practitioners can call upon WGW to develop specific groups to meet their respective client’s needs. Once such a need is identified by the professional and communicated to the WGW staff, arrangements will be made to assign a qualified group therapist to the new group. WGW will select an agreed-upon day and time that best serves clients needs and will schedule a start date that is mutually convenient.

WGW staff is pleased to present to professionals and their staff about the effectiveness of group therapy and the ways that this model may effectively be utilized with the professional’s client population — at the professional’s facility.

Our staff will also meet with professionals and their staff to disseminate brochures and explain our services. We will also be glad to respond to any questions that remain unanswered and further explain our services.

Click here to see the list of groups offered by WGW.

Click here to contact WGW staff to set up a meeting or to send us an e-mail with any questions you may have.