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Group Therapy

children's groups
adult groups

For more than 50 years, group therapy has been proven a successful modality in helping men, women and children cope with the myriad of challenges that arise as a part of daily life. WGW has been formed to provide group therapy to address and help work through these concerns. The interactions between the members of the group and the therapists become the material with which the therapy is conducted.

Exploring issues in a social context more accurately reflects real social interactions.  The primary reasons why group therapy has been proven to be an effective modality of treatment to enhance personal growth and interpersonal relationships are because group therapy offers members:


  1. An opportunity to observe and reflect on one’s own and others’ social skills to promote personal growth and relationship enhancement.
  2. A safe venue for them to benefit through active participation and observation.
  3. The ability to give and get immediate feedback.
  4. A cost effective therapy.
  5. Perspectives regarding their interpersonal relationships.  Often others in the group represent individuals from your past or current life with whom you interact with.  In group therapy, you have the opportunity to work through these feelings/situations (are afforded with a “corrective emotional experience”).
  6. The direct chance to try out new ways of behaving, develop new social techniques or ways of relating to others, and to learn more about the way they interact with others.
  7. Cohesiveness and peer support — the group is a safe place where members are able to provide support, offer alternatives, or gently confront or hold others accountable.

In all groups at WGW involving children and adolescents, each prospective member will be evaluated and placed in an age-appropriate therapy group. Please note that when a group is for “children,” the age range is 6-9; for “adolescents/tweens it is 10-13; for “teens” it is 14-18; for “young adults” it is for 18-26 and “adults” is 27 and above.