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Dr. Maidenberg often speaks in schools to parents on the topic of effectively teaching social skills. The recent titles of her talks include “Learning How to Be Your Child’s Life Coach and Empower Your Children to Succeed Socially” and “How to Empower Your Child to Achieve Socially.” In colleges she spoke to staff on “Practitioner Training to Assist College Students to Achieve Socially” and “Social Anxiety Disorder: Symptoms, Contributors & Treatment Options.” She is currently working on several books on the topic one for children and the other for adults. Additionally, she is writing a general parenting book with a colleague – identifying practical solutions and guidance for key parenting challenges that arise.

She was recently invited to submit an article online titled “Successful Socializing: Opening Up The Dialogue With Your Kids” with, was invited to speak on WVOX Radio regarding Depression During the Holidays and was quoted in My Family Doctor: The Magazine That Makes Housecalls and on their on-line version on the health benefits of holiday family get-togethers. Additionally, she contributed to, in an article title, “The Ignored Statistic: Feeling Blue Can Happen During, after and Even Before Pregnancy.” This can be seen at

Dr. Maidenberg was quoted in The New York Daily News on October 27, 2007 on parental advice to teenagers who are going on their first date and in The New York Times on November 1, 2007 on fitness rituals and obsessions. She was also quoted in The New York Times on December 2, 2007 on how to find time and ways to spend time doing the hobby you love.

In January 2008 she was quoted in Glamour on “Are you normal about commitment: Eight “weird” things that are very, very normal.” In March 2008 she was quoted inSierra on the benefits of family vacations. In April 2008 in Parents on “Small talk: Want to find out how your child’s day was? These questions will get you the answers you want.” Also, in May 2008 in Good Housekeeping on “money management secrets of married couples.” In September in Fitness Magazine on the topic of the benefits of combining exercise and group therapy, and in Maxim on “Einstein Sleeping” and ways to get a better and more efficient nights sleep.

In February 2009, in The Baltimore Sun on the pros and cons of lending money to a friend or relative and how to do it. In March 2009 in Fitness magazine on “Project Emotion” combining exercise and talk therapy. In March 2009 in Psychotherapy Finances on Practice Alternatives: Group therapy is the basis for a whole practice. In June 2009 in on “Dealing with a chatterbox: Why your child won’t stop talking and how to be a good listener.

In December 2009 on Dr. Maidenberg was quoted in an article entitled, “Rest & rejuvenate: Be a master multitasker” where she offers ways to more effectively multitask. In January 2010 in she contributed to an article “You’ve made your resolutions, here’s how to stick to them.” An article geared to college students. Dr. Maidenberg was quoted in Current Health 2 in February 2010- Volume 36, No. 6 on “Hey, mom and dad: Are we cool? Relationships with parents always have room for improvement. In March 2010 she contributed to an article titled “Ages 11 to 18: Encourage teens to get involved in community service.” Also in March 2010 in iHaveNet.comshe was quoted in an article “Be a master multitasker.” In April 2010 in Ladies Home Journal a relationship focused article on how readers can “go green” and improve their lives will be published. Also upcoming in May 2010 in Parents Magazine an article will focus on 5-6 year olds and why they get engrossed in “gross” things. In June 2010, in Woman’s Day an article will describe ways to get your husband to do chores around the house.

In August 2010, she was quoted in The Rivertowns Enterprise an article titled, “Risky behavior or typical teen?” explored various teen issues, when to worry and preventative measures to consider.  In October 2010, Dr. Maidenberg was quoted in an article titled, “The power of birth order” in Parents which describes how sibling order impacts children’s development.  In December 2010, she was quoted in  inParents in an article titled, “Very bad behavior: Sure, parents know to expect tantrums and other bratty antics.  But biting classmates and annihilating bugs?  Find out what to do when your child’s actions start to scare you.”

Dr. Maidenberg provides strategies on how to deal with difficult behaviors that children exhibit.  She’s quoted in another article in December  which speaks to “Easy, Healthy New Year’s Resolutions” in  She appeared on Fox 5 on February 12th.  The topic of the show was how the snow storms are impacting children and parents and depression during the winter months.  In March 2011, she was quoted in Parenting in an article which speaks to why 7-9 year olds emulate their older siblings and what the pros and cons of such behaviors are and how parents should react to these behaviors.

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