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About Us

officeWestchester Group Works (WGW) was developed to provide the community with a center for group therapy. It is a center or hub where group therapy community resources are available and attainable for the public, practitioners and service providers. We developed our “Growing with Groups” program to make available a group experience specifically designed to meet the individual therapeutic and developmental needs of children, adolescents, tweens, teens, young adults and adults. WGW is unique because of the way that its therapy groups are purposefully and thoughtfully tailored. Group topics are derived from the identified needs of the community WGW serves.

In addition, periodically we conduct a needs assessment and survey practitioners as well as people in the community so that we may continue to update our group therapy offerings so they are pertinent, up-to-date and responsive to the community’s needs. For a list of current group therapy programs, click here

For more than 50 years, group therapy has been proven a successful modality in helping men, women and children cope with the myriad of challenges that arise as a part of daily life. WGW has been formed to provide group therapy to address and help work through these concerns.

In addition to providing the public with group therapy services, we also offer individual therapy and are in constant contact with licensed professionals and service providers that practice in the greater Westchester community and its surrounding areas to get their input about new/innovative therapy groups to meet the needs of their clients as well as the community.

If a client is already engaged in individual therapy with a practitioner or is seeing a psychiatrist for medication management, we develop a collaborative relationship with the other practitioners so that group therapy can complement and enhance their therapy experience.

If you are a professional, click here to learn more about WGW group therapy programs or to tell us what kinds of groups would be helpful for your clients. We appreciate your time and invaluable feedback.

WGW offers group therapy programs for children, adolescents, tweens, teens, young adults and adults.